The two sides – Good and Clueless


good and clueless

I have two personalities, not like one of them is the one which people see when I am okay and the other one suppresses it occasionally when I am mentally disturbed. Not like that, but more like the dualities of human behaviors that people are familiar with, except I wont actually call the two sides of my personality to be Good and Bad. I don’t think I have a personality that is bad, no I don’t. I am pretty sure that I have a good personality and the other personality is what I call “clueless”

Yes, that pretty much defines it. My good personality differentiates between a beggar who is healthy and the leper and convinces me to give some money to the leper. But the clueless personality just does not understand the difference it would make. It would look at me giving the money and then would sigh and go “Oh great! so what does that change? Why is that called good?”. It does not understand the concept of good and bad. There are a lot of other things that he believes, from which I am going to list down some I remember.

1. Good and Bad are nothing but abstractions created at some point by some human beings to maintain social stability. As per today’s society those definitions have changed, but the degree of change it should undergo has not been unanimously decided and that is what leads to most of our conflicts.
2. Love is nothing but your brain playing with you with all the feel good hormones, so that you can proliferate your species. But the true purpose has been covered with so many layers of abstractions in your brain that today love is just another emotion like happiness and sorrow and we usually do it without a purpose.
3. The only thing that differentiates human beings and the less intellectually evolved life on earth is the amount of stupidity that we can pull off.
4. Mother’s love is not unconditional. Beat me to death but its not. I can explain its logic and its evolution from something socially necessary to apparently unconditional.
5. We are alive by the very terms that human beings define life to be. I wonder if rocks have a definition of their own.
6. Because I believe in God, I know that God gave me brains to think and that he would not give me any extra brain than what is meant to be in my head. So if I can think and come up with proofs for non-existence of God with the very brains God gave me, I am either right about the proofs or God is very lenient with his children (and again, I really am a believer.)
7. You cant prove to me that the Matrix is not true.

Wow! Those were random, but yes that is pretty much the other side. You know I have a good side and I am happy that I do, though very few people know about it. However I am never disappointed with my other side. Because it asks a lot, debates a lot and it always wants to know why. You cant just come to me and tell that 8 hours of sleep is necessary. My good side might tell you okay and I might look convincing enough that I am listening, but you can be pretty sure that I will sleep like I used to sleep until I find the 8 hour thing has got some substance.
When my good side likes the feeling of love and smiles when it listens to a romantic song, somewhere there is the clueless side shouting out that its all just your brain playing with dopamine and correlating past experiences. And thank you clueless, I am never bored even when I am alone.


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