ek baar fir se…

Fir se pyar karna hai ,aur ek baar mohabbat mein padna hain.
fir ek baar rona hai dooriyo par, aur ek baar khilna hain nazdikiyon se
Chote jhagdo se roothna hai, muskurana hai bachkaniyo par
Duniya se chupna hai thoda, thoda befikar haath pakde ghoomna hai
Thoda bewafayion se darna hai, thode us wafao par marna hai
Ek baar fir ek haseen dil pe sab bhool, sab qurbaan karna hai.
Ek baar fir, fir se pyar karna hai.


4 thoughts on “ek baar fir se…

  1. Came across your blog while searching for another blog. very nice poem, though it makes sense to include a line that means ‘i want to fall in love again but this time with the right person’ or something similar. of course its not absolutely necessary here, its just a thought.

    • Thanks rewatee.
      Well yes, I mean, I could have referred directly or indirectly about the “right person”, however the right person for me is actually a very vague concept. I believe that all you need is a person who wants to be in love with you. If you are in love with such a person then everything about it is right, and whatever is not, you adjust. I know I am being very incomplete in my justification, but someday I might write a whole blog post for it. šŸ˜‰

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