Hare Krishna

I don’t know the reason for this sudden love for Krishna. But since the past many days I have been seeing him everywhere.

Wearing a yellow dhoti, the dark skinned, divine, Krishna. People know Lord Krishna from the legends, where the words he said formed the holy book – Bhagwad Geeta, and from his prominent role in one of the Greatest epics ever  – Mahabharata.

But there is also the other side. The Krishna that is a lover at heart. The Krishna with a gentle body, playing his flute amidst the pleasant leaves and cheerful waters. I have been seeing this Krishna for quite some time now in my dreams, may be because I have been planning to learn flute. My parents will tell me that there is something more to these dreams than just the desire to learn flutes, and honestly, I would want my parents to be right about this. Oh, how he stands wearing a plain yellow dhoti, with a lean body, holding a flute and a smile that defies any belief that you have in bad. I don’t know how much of a believer I am in Gods, but I certainly want to believe that you existed.

A divine face, yet so gentle
your delicate hands, adore the flute
That melodious wind, so elemental
A sound so subtle, yet the world mute

Hare Krishna…


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