Stop getting Married!

What’s up with everybody getting married so soon. I am just 23, did something happen? Did some weird experiment from a Secret Government Project catalyze the growth of everyone and only me and few others escaped it or everyone is actually getting married at an age when they should be just friends and lovers instead of spouses?

Maybe I am overreacting, but hey, with the pace my friends are getting married by the time I will be 25, I will be the only person in any of my friend circles single and available. I mean think about it. All of my friends married and in a serious bond with some one else, and I will be the only one calling them for hang outs which mostly will be responded with a negative answer because now, they have their own family to be with. And I will be like this 25 year old geeky guy, who shops alone for cool clothes every week so that he can go out for the coolest parties alone.

AAAAA! God! This is an emergency. I should be making new friends, friend who will not get married until they are at least 28. I should develop a social network and look out for people who have no plans to get married soon and also have a strong resolve to not marry any one till 28. Wait, I can do that on Facebook. No No, searching for people, talking with them to find out when they will be getting married and then making them friends, I sound like a psychopath to myself.
Friends, help me out here. I know that everyone have their own ways of living, and that apparently for you guys marriage is an “emergency”. I mean I know by the time you were about to complete your graduation your were probably thinking of signing the marriage certificate more than the score on your graduation certificate. Its obvious after years or months or sometimes just days (Seriously!) of happy love-sweetened relationships, its always fun to ruin it by marrying the person. Wait! Did I just say that? Oh yes I did. Anyway, I am happy for all you guys, but don’t let your marriage be the last time we meet as friends. I might be just Paranoid here, but hey you can’t blame me. Its not going to be you looking lame and lonely at a corner table of a vibrant pub when your are 25.

Happy Marriage all of ya!
Hey others! seriously! if you are not planning to be married by 28 – Friends?


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