Jon: Why r u sad? You don’t have any more reasons to be sad, then why?

Sean: No more reason. Are you sure?

Jon: I think so. Do you?

Sean: I don’t know.

Jon: Well then why? Why be sad on something you don’t even know. Why for something that happened so long back and is no more there and should not even matter any more. Do you have any idea how long back it was? Any idea?

Sean: 2 yea…

Jon: More than 2 years buddy. More than a fucking 2 years. And what you had going on before that was not even a proper 1 year. What you still keep in your heart safe from everyone was not even longer than the time that has passed since it ended. And no one cares for it anymore. No one.

Sean: I do.

Jon: Yes, but you should fucking stop caring about it all. There is no point. You don’t know if the things that have stopped you from moving might have already moved on. You may be the only person thinking about it buddy, no one else. No one. I know that even though less than a year, what you had was enough for you to live for. But …

Sean: Its alright

Jon: What?

Sean: I said its alright.

We both cant be thinking about it. I want a part of us to keep moving on, to live the present. Let me be here; safe in the times that I thought will never break apart from me, the times when we used to be together as one individual, living life as anyone would. But now we have to live like this. I assure you that I will surface only when we are alone. I know why you are not comfortable listening to romantic slow music in front of everyone; you are afraid that I might come out. You don’t have to worry about that any more. I have learnt to live hidden, breathe subtly and be unnoticed. You be the one that everyone meets and lives with. You be us when we walk with the world and let me breathe and cry silently whenever you sleep.

Jon, I am not going to move on. Everyone thought I should and I guess that is why you were made. We are both one. Two personalities we may be, but of one individual. Lets live our roles. Deal?

Jon: Look this still doesn’t feel right to me, but I guess those are the things you have to put up with when you are the other side of a split personality.

A deal it is.


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