Humbling Uncertainties

I was going through some of the astronomy news and now I wish I should not have seen it.

In the past few months, or to be very specific, with the start of the new year, news of space rocks passing by the earth at very close quarters, and NASA and the big guys thanking Physics and God respectively for the rocks to not have come too close, have increased in frequency. For all I know, I must have been less aware of such news earlier and such incidences used to happen even before this. But even that chain of thought doesn’t make me feel very blessed.

If you think about it, all these space rocks are out there in the open, like wild unchained bulls, following nothing but the laws of physics, untamed by any human prayers and inconsiderate of the worth of what it may collide with. For all we know, there already might be many asteroids in their path, nonchalantly speeding towards unfortunate intersections of their trajectory and our planet’s orbit. Its not even that you can point and blame at someone for this, and even if you could, the damage that a single collision would make could be so huge that there would be no one left alive to point fingers.

Entire humanity wiped out, hopes and dreams flushed down to void and only tales of the afterlife comforting people at their very last second.

I read in one of the news that even NASA could not predict the coming of one of such rocks, so I wont be surprised if we all will be given just a last minute notice of the eventual doom one day. No warning, no evacuations, no preparations for the war, no Armageddon, just one last media coverage of people ready for their end, tears in their eyes, and hands holding their dearest.  I hope that at least then, all humanity will stand united and say each other farewell with no discriminations.

I know we are working towards machines that can deviate the path of such rocks, better ways of predicting such trajectories and a lot more, and as I write this there probably are a huge number of people working just towards it but still the thought of this gap of technology that overlap us right now scares me through my spines.

We think so highly of ourselves. Sharpest of the brains, explorers of the outer space, masters of using our resources, species with dreams and aims and a drive towards a better life, our zeal for adventure, our passion for love, the race towards greatness, that urge to leave a mark – all but just a speck, a tiny unnoticed speck on the vastness of chaos that surrounds us and doesn’t even consider us an entity worth to be threatened. We with all these self-appraised qualities might one day be dusted off like that one tiny imperceptible dot of dust particle, part of the dust that covers your coat’s shoulders and dusted off without a second thought, negligible enough to even have the tiniest of the roles in the giant play of the cosmos.

We still cannot cease to live, to dream and to form memories we would like to cherish and take to our grave. But with this reluctant but enlightening awareness of what goes on around us, far above and transcended by the small inequities and problems we face among us, all of a sudden, the uncertainty of life has reached new levels, and with it I find myself more humbled.


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