True Diary of a Man – I

Its sweet how you see that one girl from an entire crowd. She is no less a stranger than anyone else in that crowd, but even as you have only around 10 seconds to look at each scene that comes in front of your eyes , your vision is tunneled and narrowed down to that one girl as you watch her from inside a moving train.

When the train passes by her and you just have the memory of her to see her again, you try not to think of anything else; you ensure that she is the only one occupied in your mind at that point.
You try to see her again, and for that you close your eyes. Fair skin and a black kurti with a square neckline contrasting her body beautifully; the neckline low enough to show that slight cleavage. As the rest of the kurti sticks to her thin body you slowly admire her from a distance, trying to see her body whole. You move your mind away from her but still keeping her in focus, panning away to see her entire body. Wow! everything perfect. It’s amazing how your eyes filter through the entire crowd and find just that one girl for you. Her tender hands, her shapely legs wrapped tight in a skinny jeans, her slim waist that I wish I could hold and sway with her, her chest that also adored a small necklace with a tiny butterfly locket and her …

Fuck! You missed the face again!


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