Works for me…

A wise man once said – “Focus on one thing completely to succeed.”
Another wise man said – “Search deep for the one thing you want to do the most, and give everything to that one thing.”

Alright, now enough of all the wise men. Considering the fact that I do not know any of these wise men and that even if I did know them, I will not be finding any master-genius who unraveled the brain, I would like to end paying much heed to any of them.

Maybe one day I will say something that will be prefixed with “A wise man once said”. Not that I don’t think I am wise enough to give a good quote but because I never actually have been able to exhibit my wisdom to the masses. Trust me I am not bragging.
And I am pretty sure that I will be able to exhibit it even If I don’t walk by the guidelines these ancient wise men have laid for me.

No offenses for their thoughts but I have a set of my own, and I would hate to ignore them. I have been digging deep for something I like, since my childhood, and never could I settle for something singular. So I have devised ways of giving my everything to everything I like. I make sure I focus on the thing I am doing right now and I have tried hard to train my brain in a way that can switch focus as soon as I shift my work to a different subject.

I would be restless if someday when I am down on bed – ready to waste 6 hours of my life for my body by sleeping – and I ask my self what I am doing on one of my interests, I say ‘nothing’. I am alright if the something is even a plan, but I have to have it. And that is my way to live.

How successful have I been till now?
I surprise myself very often, and that is a good start I would say.
I don’t mind wise men giving me their ideas, but if there is someone who wants these to be considered the only truth of life, I have to move out of that room silently and run away with all the speed I can muster.
However I am okay with these quotes cum guidelines a bit tweaked; after all tweaking to make things suitable and better is no unacquainted idea. Hmm lets see, my tweaked versions would go something like this,

“Focus on the matter at hand”
“Search for the things you want to do, and do not give your everything to the rest”

Works for me. 🙂