Carriage wheel

carriage wheel

You are but one wheel,
one wheel among many;
the many that a carriage bore.
The carriage has a goal,
a place it has to reach;
you roll as the other wheels roll.
Some buds crushed
some still saved,
you tread as how the carriage goes
So tight and so secure,
pits and bumps, you endure,
Still rolls, the carriage wheel rolls.
Oh wait, there’s a doubt,
among many but not out.
A doubt that the carriage wheel bore.
Is this path that you tread,
the path you desire?
Does the doubt speak a dream
of a goal you aspire?
You will be shifted from here,
unscrewed and then screwed,
to the front when the front is all tired.
Decide for now,
for now you have time,
Do the dreams you hold
come in line with those of your sire?
If no, then a risk,
a risk, oh! its there
to unscrew and set yourself free.
A new wheel will come,
your shaft will be taken.
and you, left alone and free.
Neither tight nor secure
With a path in your mind
Roll, you may roll,
Some tumbles, some falls,
But a risk you have taken,
A risk to be apart,
It may be so foolish,
So foolish a mistake,
Or it may end up wise,
A wise choice to take.
Think, decide,
the path you like,
Be sure, don’t doubt,
for there’s always a risk,
A risk that waits,
for every carriage wheel to take.