Pour it out

almost no heart

I wish I could pour my heart out,

but I fear,

if like my eyes, will my heart yield nothing.
Will my heart look as dry as my eyes,
Should I just try and stop to surmise.

Will it speak my emotions, or will it just blurt.
Should I not risk and keep it closed, or should I evert.

I fear if I have lost what it takes to pour your heart out.
i fear that I may just be devoid of emotions.
I am left with stories now, lots of them.
But with just words and punctuations

No breaths, no tears, no laughters
A story so inanimate
So dead
I will be scared to read it, I am, because,
I may doubt myself after it’s read

I better not pour my heart

Though, stories there are many, that can still be told.
But I doubt if I have a heart that can still be poured