New Theme Now

Finally changed the theme for my blog. It was a tough decision to take, as I have kept on hearing that you have to maintain a level of consistency, which also includes not changing your theme very often, so that readers feel at ease.

However, I had my own reasons for considering a change, and though I had initially chosen the theme ‘Chunk’ after lots of search and research, but my needs have changed, and so I also need a theme that meets them. Also, this is the first time I have changes since the start of the blog, and so it is not a frequent change. As a memento, here is snapshot of my blog with the old theme.

my old theme snapshot

(I had to activate my old theme again, take a snapshot and then activate it back again to the new one to take this snapshot. Given the amount of hard work that was involved, it is a true memento)

I have kept in mind not to make a change so drastic it will look as a totally different blog. The background is now grey instead of white, and I now have a sidebar (Hooray!) instead of the footer bar, which was a back ache, as people had to scroll all the way down the blog, to follow or check the archive. In fact the need for a side bar was the prime motivation for me to think for a change.

The design and layout still exhibit minimalism, which is something I have a personal preference for, and so I have made sure it retains.

What else? Hmm, I guess that is it. I thought I owed a side post for the change (unlike Facebook – those guys sometimes hit changes in the face; no notice, no gradual progress, straight, in the face.)


5 thoughts on “New Theme Now

  1. I also changed due to the side bar issue! Mine is a fair bit different but I kept the same colours and fonts to try keeping with some sort of consistency. Hoping this will fit my needs for a very long time now. Change is good though and should be embraced when its required. Your new site looks fab and I hope it works for you the way you want it to! Thank you for including my article in your related articles too.

    • You are most welcome.
      I saw the new theme that you have adopted. The side bar totally works. I do not know how your old theme was, but your current blog sports a very lively look, especially with the peppy background and the fish hook animation.

      • My old one was very girly. This one suits my personality better, think that’s pretty important when blogging. It’s the first thing people see when they click onto your blog. First impressions last as they say! I just hope I still get taken seriously to an extent!

      • Oh you have made it perfectly clear in your post why you opted for a new design. And people who have been with you through the design shift surely know that you have acted on your instincts; also, the new readers have a first impression in the way that now you now wanted it to be. So, I don’t think you need to entertain doubts about being taken seriously.

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