I do not wait for it

I did not lose faith in love.
I believe in love.
I like it.
I love it.
I sometimes even seek to feel it.
I just cant find it anymore.
I am not trying, I agree, but what should I try for,
when the very thing I search for outside in the world,
is the only thing that is nowhere to be found within me.
I am no more waiting for it.
Sometimes I expect it to find me, but I don’t expect for too long.
I don’t want to wait for it,
But I just pray to not miss love when it passes by.

I no more have the heart that pumps love,
But I still have eyes that somewhere searches for those small springs,
those tiny hopes, those dreams that still cease to die.
And it will hurt me, to disappoint them.
If love comes again, it may hurt me again,
But a pain to risk for love, is no great a pain.
I do not wait for it anymore,
but if it comes; open, my arms will be, once more.


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