It’s always the small things

Its always the small things.
The big things are easy to find,easy to spot; the big problems, the big fights; they show, they leave a mark very much visible even after they are bygone, quondam.
A broken smile or a clear frown, a slight limp or a visible scar, it can be seen. The effects of the big things show up and unlike the really small things, sharing or talking about it, doesn’t feel futile.
The small things are ignored; given the status of insignificant. The small ones, put those tiny dents, minuscule enough to be ignored. And with every small individual problem comes a small dent, in the mind or the person himself.

But we never share them, do we? Precisely, because they are small. A couple may have fights over the big things, but the really small things? It looks too childish an act to be bothered, or to bother someone, by them. However, small though they are, but every dent it imprints, is a dent nonetheless.

Then comes more dents, one small thing after another. And before you know it, there is one big dent, or maybe a huge crater, in you, and you go through a phase of frequent mental chaos and depression; I guess that is why they call it depression. You are now waiting for a trigger; subconsciously; or a conscious wait.
The trigger can be a big thing, or another small thing. And when you get the trigger, your conversation, your expressions start a trip to a crater that, you wish, should have never existed. You can now connect from the trigger, every dent that led to that depression. You never really knew all of those dents were connected so intricately, but of course they were, they are all on you. You are the connecting link, and now you cannot stop, but let go all of the steam that emanates from this crater.

And if there is a person who is at the receiving end of the steam, he gets not a draft, but a blow so strong that he is shaken. Neither you nor the person who is now shaken, knew that those small dents mattered, but they did.

What happens now? Well the person reacts in the way he would react when he is hit by a strong emotional blow. Some get sad, some angry, some might leave, while some might still stand with you. And even if the one who receives the blow is of the fourth kind, all the agglomerated dents together have impacted, on the person, as a big thing, and hence, it will show.

You now wish that a closed crater with such a trapped deadly steam should have never existed, but you can now only wish. Every dent, every small thing matters. Either by clearing it out or by sharing it, whatever be the method, it should be treated; for its always the small things that matters, the small dents that wreaks havoc; precisely because they are small.


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