That rainbow! I found it…

I have always been a fan of the great, the super-geek, Nikola Tesla, and hence I have always felt sorry for him for the way he was unappreciated by the people of those times.

Anyway today I found a rainbow. Well, I should not put it so lightly, let me just re-frame it.

Today, I discovered a rainbow.

I know that rainbow is an already known phenomenon, but the one that we saw behind our company building; that was discovered by me. I and my friend were having our usual stroll after snacks, and like the source of many great discoveries – an unusual decision – I took an unusual decision of telling my friend that today we should walk on the seventh floor and not the fifth floor where we usually walk. And from that potentially ground-breaking decision, came the moment when I saw a part of the rainbow. I stopped walking, called upon my friend, who completely oblivious to the fact that I had found something, was still walking, and even talking. Sad!
Anyway, I called him and took him to the edge of the balcony where I could then see it properly.

It was there. All of the seven colors. “I can see the violet, I have never seen the violet, This one is so bright.” I yelled; he expressed his dangerously overflowing excitement by taking out his phone and clicking some photos of the rainbow; while I still stood there, awe-struck.

After a while, and many weird looks from people around me for shouting things out loud, we moved away from the spot. I saw a lady getting up from her chair inside the cafeteria and walking towards the spot. “That is my spot, she is going to see it now, I should do something to make her realize that I had found it”, such and many other whispers clogged up my brain fruitlessly, while I saw her calling her friends to that spot and soon it was a herd of people, looking at the sky like imbeciles, at the magnificent rainbow, with the violet thing, unaware of the person who had discovered it first.

“I should have done something, like, writing my name on a banner and hung it over there, or spray ‘Discovered by SJ’ with an arrow pointing towards the rainbow on the walls over there” I said to my friend. My friend laughed, he thought it was a joke; it was not.
I looked at him with all the seriousness I could muster and said “Those people near the fence, that crowd, they don’t appreciate my discovery, they don’t even know who discovered it. They are happy with it, excited, but the person who found it for them, is little appreciated. I… ” I looked high up in the sky before completing my speech “I feel like Nikola Tesla”
He looked at me, and laughed again, as he was browsing through the photos he clicked; of my discovery.


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