Minutes of ‘500 days of summer’

500 days of summer is this movie I just finished watching, though a part of this was written in the middle of the movie, with the movie paused. So watching the movie might help you to understand it better, but for those who have not seen it, its about Tom who believes in the magical love that many would like to believe in and live; and Summer, the girl who introduces herself as this stoic, painfully casual person, which she is, and who gives Tom a ride from a place full of one sided love, to happiness, and then lands him in lots of sorrow. Eventually, you would love them both. I would like to add more but if there is anyone really planning to watch the movie, I dont want to ruin it for them. I usually hate it when someone does that to me.

44 minutes after watching 500 days of summer:
I feel connected to Tom but I can associate more the behaviors and the ways of Summer with me, or at least the way I was, before 4 months; more precisely, the way I was since something that happened around 3 years ago and till something that happened 4 months back. A lot of apologies for being so highly indirect and vague. Well, why I connect to Tom? Because of things that happened in my life outside that time frame that I mentioned.
Why am I writing this in the middle of watching a movie? Because I felt to, and because I think I will have a different view to share after the movie ends.

After, 500 days of summer
Well, what can I say, I am disappointed that I could not share an experience that could let me shift from the person I connected to; that is from Summer to Tom. But towards the end, I just was watching the movie as a third person, not connected to anyone, and wishing I could. I know that I have changed a lot 4 months back or maybe got a bit like how I was before 3 years, with a mix of all that I went through in the period till now. But I wish I could have been more sure about the change, and about everything, like Summer, and like Tom towards the end.

I loved the movie, well scripted, well executed and most importantly, I kind of love the fact that it did not end the way I wanted it to. May be, sometimes, that is really important for you to like something.


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