4DK – Last Night

My stay at Kerala is at its last phases. With packing almost done, and me set to sleep, what follows is the day tomorrow, when we will be polishing our packing done today and ourselves, and will leave from here for the 11 am train to Kalyan, Maharashtra.

How was the stay?

Well to answer that, usually, I just silently complain by making a disappointed face or a smiley, depending on my medium of communication, because people are generally satisfied with that response; they might add some of their own observations and don’t extend the conversation; however this time I feel like talking about it. Maybe because this trip would be followed by a trip to US which would prevent me from coming here for 3 years or more.

The entire stay of around 4 days can be explained in short using some headings; headings which explains or brings forward a particular experience, some of which may sound trivial, but still forms an important part of the trip.

I am just going to go ahead and write down the headings, and in the days to come I will sit down and expand on each, one by one, sometimes in a group. Meanwhile just for people who enjoy  finding patterns, I am not sure you will find any in the sequence of headings given below, still if you feel like, go nuts. Here I go,

The Day Night Contrast
The Cat App of Android
Feet Acupuncture
The Temple and why I did not regret carrying my DSLR
People mix up illogically
Everyone knows us
How the Kanji got finished?
Mumbai roads vs Kerala roads
Padmanabhaswami Shetram – The temple with convenient inconveniences
Vishnu and the theory of evolution (A flashback)
The mute uncle who communicated the best
A square of light

These events or references to events are placed in the order in which they struck me, and now the trip ends, with the final title which is being expanded right now:

4DK – Last night

4DK : 4 Days in Kerala

Purpose for the Glossary and the weird abbreviation at the first place:
I just thought it would be cool to group all further expansions of the headings mentioned above by adding a prefix. Cool or not cool. I have already acted upon my thought, so, too late.


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