Jamie! Are you alright?

He could not see well it seemed. He kept rubbing his eyes, widening it along with his mouth, as if something made it difficult for him to breathe. It was a bad decision to come to this place. After all the warning, and the signs, I should have paid heed to them. Jamie sure did not think the same, for he did not look dubious like me, though he gasped more with each passing second, yet undeterred, still walking more inside the apartment.

“Are you alright Jamie?” I asked, and secretly wished that he would give me subtle signs that even he did not want to be here anymore.

“Yeah!” He coughed, and covered his mouth with his hands as he did. “I’m fine”. As he uncovered his mouth I thought I saw something drip from his hand. I tried to look what it was, and in the dim moon light which filtered through the dusty windows, I could articulate the apparent pitch dark drops on the floor, to be blood. He coughed blood.

“Jamie! Talk to me man. This place is doing something to you. I don’t know but I think we should leave. This ghost-hunting gig doesn’t seem like a good idea anymore.”

He kept walking. His indifference and the accompanied silence unsettled me further.

“Jamie! Are you alright man? What is it? Dude!”

I did not want to walk any further. I grabbed his hand tight, which except his head was the only thing exposed outside his clothes. I felt a shiver; starting from my hand which held him, travelling all the way to the elbow and then instantaneously spreading outwards from my spine through my whole body. It was cold, a cold shiver, more than goosebumps, it was something I had never felt before. I did not want him to turn around and answer me. I was afraid to see his face. I did not know what to expect. It was surely not the Jamie that I walked in with.
For, now I remember. I walked in alone.


Alright, let’s speak about alright.

‘Alright’ easily has to be my favorite word and the most used word for my replies. I used to be more of an ‘okay’-person before, but I have caught the habit of saying alright from a friend of mine. He used to say ‘Alright’ with an accent in which he keeps the ‘L’ silent and it sounds like O-wright. I kind of started using it more often from then, and now it has caught up on me.

‘Alright’ is a fun word. You can reply to any message with an ‘alright’ and it sounds more of a thoughtful reply than ‘Okay’, or ‘k’ (a sometimes annoying but space and time saver version of Okay). Alright’ sounds like you have actually put some thought into it, although after its constant use people now sometimes do hate it when I use alright, but that is alright.

Saying alright is also one of the politest one-word conversation stopper. When I have a person blabbering in front of me, the moment I feel like sneaking out of the conversation, I use the word ‘alright’, and the best part – when someone is giving me an advice that I just do not want to hear any more, I can just say “Alright” and it implies “I got what you want to tell, now please stop moving your lips with noise coming out of it.”

Chats! Oh yes, chats. When someone says something in a chat, and they are still typing, and I am not interested; I can throw in an ‘alright’, close the monitor, get myself a coffee, roam around and maybe check the rest of the chat the next day; and type in “alright”.

I don’t even have to say ‘enough man, relax’ anymore. Add a “Ho” sound while saying alright and it does the job. “Holright! Holright!”.

In fact emphasizing and pronouncing ‘alright’ in different ways easily can serve many purposes.
“Holright! Holright!” – ┬áRelax man.
“Alright now” – That would be enough for now.
“Alrrright!” – A realization / Just solved a mystery.
“Alright then” – Time to leave
“Allllrright then” – I am ready.
“Alrrrrighty” – I am ready. (just another fancy way to say it)
“Awlrighhht” – Fine. I will do it.
“Alrai…” – Your conversation is so interesting, I actually slept midway.
“That’s alright” – Polite way of saying “F**k it”
“Alright” – End the conversation / Stop talking / Alright

‘Alright’ does the same things as all those one word, rude conversation stoppers and does much more. No wonder I like the word, and no wonder people sometimes hate it when I say alright. Matter of fact, some of my friends may get furious if they read this post, but that’s alright.