Morning crush

‘8:29 am’, “Shit! I am late.”. People say that the very first things you tell and do in the morning after you get up, very much determines how your day is going to be. Well if that is to be considered true, then I just made my entire day to come, prety much shitty and in a hell lot of haste. I rushed my way through all the morning chores and called my two friends with whom I had planned to leave for office. It was 9:15 already and they were not picking up my call.

I had my breakfast and rushed to their place. When you are in a rush, you are waiting for your friend and you eventually knocks on his door after waiting for too long, your friend in his innerwears are the last thing you wish to see. I had the dissapointed look on my face. They took the hint and got ready within the next 20 minutes. I was late and we started walking towards the main road from where we could get a rickshaw to office. As we walked by the sweet shop I saw a girl. I stopped talking and I know I had even stopped listening to what my friends were telling.

She was beautiful. Slim, sharp features and very fair, but what got my attention the most were her eyes. It was magical. With short-sightedness and no spectacles on, I cannot actually see things at a distance with all their detail. But I could see her eyes and they were truly magical. She looked at me, the awesome moment when you feel you can poke a person just by looking at her. She did not turn away. I felt good but I had to break the attempt of our eyes trying to break the ice. Your friends finding out that you are looking at someone and they then starting to look at that person wierdly is not so much preferred in such scenarios.

After a while I looked at her again. She was talking with her friend, funny I did not notice her friend the first time, but her eyes were still looking at me. I heard myself shouting a very loud “Yes!” inside my head. We had around 10 seconds more before I would walk past her, and both of us looked at each other for those 10 seconds. As I walked past her, I wished I could have walked a bit slower. I could now hear my friends again. Just few seconds later I turned back to look at her. She was not looking at me now, I wished she was, but I was still happy.

We got a rickshaw. I was thiking of the sequence of activities in your life that you are connected to. Had I slept early yesternight, had I got up early, had my friends got ready on time, had even one of these things happened, I could not have seen her. But now that I have, I wish to see her again. I asked my friend what time it was. “10 minutes remaining to 10”, he said. And now I knew what time I am going to leave for office from Monday. Sad, today is friday. There is going to be a two day gap. I just hope she remembers me, that she comes to this sweet shop everyday at the same time. I just hope that the sequence of activities favors me one more time.