The evening Naps…

I hate evening naps. I hate it every time it happens to me and I sit there like the teenager who just masturbated, feeling not so good, disappointed and so guilty.

Usually I get such naps either because of improper sleep the night before or because I got too tired on the day, and these nap urges always strike me, though not so common, at around 4 or 5 o clock. Each time I lie down due to such urges I usually tell myself that it will just be a 20 minutes power nap, but deep inside I am very well aware of the fact that I am not going to open my eyes till the sun sets down. And that is what I hate about such naps. I don’t like sleeping through a sun set.

After you get up at such times, you have that 2 second confusion of whether its a new day. Then you get up realizing that it is in fact the same day and you have just slept through a sun set with your brain totally ignoring the 20 minutes promise. You know what is so terrible about sleeping through a sun set? When you sleep at 4 or 5, it is pretty much beautiful outside. The temperature is a bit calming as compared to the scorching afternoon and the sun is not directly above your head trying to point its UV ray gun at you all the time. When you sleep at this moment, you should get up before the sky gets orange-ish and the sun is down. Otherwise you wake up to an entirely new atmosphere. You were all good, with a bright yet nice climate outside and now its all turned dark, cold and purplish. Its like you slept through a journey to Hogwarts. you were there in London, slept in the train, opened your eyes and its Hogwarts.

Well yes we experience that every morning. I mean you sleep at night get up to something brighter, but don’t you see the difference in the transition. You sleep and get up to light. But when you sleep at 4 and get up to no sun above, you are confused as to why in the name of God did you even get up when you are just some hours away from a dinner and going back to sleep again. I mean the entire regime just gets shattered. I don’t know if that happens to everyone, but it all does happen to me.

And you know what is most disappointing after I think about all this? Sometimes I so wish that I should have actually opened my eyes to Hogwarts. I am not a huge Harry Potter fan, but hey a mysterious, beautiful looking, less polluting atmosphere on the earth!, of that, I am a huge fan.