The right time to post your blog

“The right time to post your blog”

This often deludes many a blogger as almost every blogger wants to hit the web space with their post when the onlookers are the most in number. Be it for self-satisfaction of having a greater audience or for those ad-money, you would like to have a formula to hit at the right time. And that is what I was searching for, when I came across an infographic from KISSmetrics (see below) that deals with the question.

The science of social timing

The science of social timing

However I would like to add two pointers before you start acting on the information you gained from the above infographic:

1. Check timezones

Always, along with the social timings, also consider the geographic locations of the people who visit your blog. Most blog sites’ statistics also show where do you get the most hits from. WordPress does. In case your blogging platform does not provide this information, you have to settle for an assumption.
The reason this should be a concern is because you should try to be inclined with the social timings of the timezone which gets you the most hits.
When you have hits from multiple timezones and want to shift your audience from the majority you have currently,  consider shifting your social timings according to your favorite ones.

2. Schedule your posts:

It is always awesome to have contents to post, on a regular basis. However bloggers who work with contents that are random wont necessarily be blessed in a frequent fashion, and for such bloggers it is better to keep on writing whatever content comes in their mind in the form of proper blog posts and instead of posting them right away; save them as drafts.
The infographic gives you a good baseline that you can use to schedule your posts. Fix a frequency and then keep stacking new posts as drafts. Schedule drafts to your accord, so that during the times when you have an out-flow of ideas you can keep stacking your drafts and schedule them to be posted one after the other as per your schedule.
This way when you are in a writer’s block or you are just too lazy to think or write; your blog will still have posts coming on a regular scheduled basis.
If your blogging platform does not allow to schedule posts for later, do it manually.

3. Experiment and wait

Play around a little. Not too much, but a little. You have got the exact times when people and certain activities are the most active from the infographic. Try playing with these times a little bit here and there.
See the hits for about a week or may be two and then try a different schedule. Do not stray away too much from the standard times, as these times are collected from data of actual usage. And when you find the best schedule – Eureka!


Not random enough

I have given it some thought and have come to the conclusion that I need to have more frequent blog posts. The purpose of this blog was to keep pouring down all random things that come to my mind, but by being less frequent I have grown a kind of tendency where in I post only things which are strikingly different.

And that completely beats the purpose. So, as I have written it before I will be more frequent in my blog posts. I could have just decided a schedule for myself, like one post a day or one post a week, but then it will take out the pleasurable carefree attitude that I enjoy with this blog. So the only discipline I will be following is, I will be writing more often henceforth.