Shit got real

I am not going to mention about the incident but the one thing I can say with all surety is that Shit just got real.

Today, October 3, after a four day long holiday which included the weekends, October 2nd Gandhi Jayanti and the leave I took on October 1, I was finally back to office. In the past four days, rest was the last thing on my mind. I was constantly planning and working on many things and of course as usual my motivation among the many other factors which sound more morally correct was money.

However I was in no way aware that October 3rd had in its box a special gift prepared for me. Something that will blow my mind in a very negative sense. Very, very negative sense. Its the kind of blowing of your mind, where you can see the shattered pieces of your cranium all around. It may not be a big incident for many, but it was and still is one hell of an incident for me.

For starters, I got fucked. Not literally but I got fucked big time. And the reason I cant say what it is, is because I am still not out of the situation. But I am not sad or depressed, although for most people that might be the obvious reaction after this incident. I know, I have said ‘the incident’ a lot of times. I will say what it is as soon as I have solved it.

But I needed to post this, just to make sure I follow the below guidelines for handling this:
1. Although a huge problem, I will not be depressed. I will take it as a motivation to work more.
2. I wont let anybody else know about this problem. As far as possible, I will solve this alone.
3. I will talk about this incident only when I am out of this situation.

I have also written a post describing the problem I am in. So the moment it is uploaded, I will be one hell of a happy person who just solved a really shitty problem.