Not random enough

I have given it some thought and have come to the conclusion that I need to have more frequent blog posts. The purpose of this blog was to keep pouring down all random things that come to my mind, but by being less frequent I have grown a kind of tendency where in I post only things which are strikingly different.

And that completely beats the purpose. So, as I have written it before I will be more frequent in my blog posts. I could have just decided a schedule for myself, like one post a day or one post a week, but then it will take out the pleasurable carefree attitude that I enjoy with this blog. So the only discipline I will be following is, I will be writing more often henceforth.


Random Nerves [ran-duhm nurv-s]:

I don’t quite have a plethora of reasons as to why I chose the name Random Nerves, which is what people expect when they come across blog names any different than “” or “”. The name came across my head just when I was thinking in my office’s cubicle about writing a blog. Well the reason I wished to blog, was quite obvious.

I like to think, and I do that a lot. That is one of the reasons I don’t usually get bored when I am alone and partially the reason why people think I am, well how to put it, weird. Well nothing to worry about though; from alien to mutant to even ‘the psychopath who will one day strike the world with his deviant weapons he built in his bedroom’ guy, I have got many nick names and thanks to all my friends who describe me in such pleasant ways, there has been never a single moment when I cease to think, I am not a normal human being after all.

Anyway, I wanted to write about what I keep thinking, but I could not come up with a name for the blog, as usually what I think about, is as random as the Chaos theory, though sadly enough, even that has a pattern. So, I came up with the word Random nerves. Random, because it’s, uh, well, Random, and nerves, because of a more and bore biological reason as to how whatever you think and memorize are actually stored as nerve endings in your brain. .

Anyway, I think I have done my part explaining the name, and now I guess I should just stop and from now on, start jotting down whatever comes to my mind over here.

Adios. Hasta Luego. (Meaning: I have started learning Spanish, and it is kind of cool to show off the language.)