Happy Ride…

It all actually started with me watching “Little Manhattan”. As I was watching the movie I seriously was a bit, how do you I say it, ashamed and embarrassed by myself within, as I had spent my entire Sunday, working and then watching two Barbie-like movies (I had watched “Hairspray” earlier), even though one of the major reasons for it was that I had fallen short of collections. As the movie ended I actually opened notepad and started writing about true love and how I miss it and some stupid more Barbie-like things with the intentions of finally posting it here. But God saved me with a phone call from a friend.
“Come down soon, we are going to burger barn.” was the divine statement that prevented my deviant thoughts of love and posting about them. And from there it was one sudden and unexpected car ride to Burger Barn, eating the spiciest Chicken Burger in my life, looking at girls around and talking about their … ahem .. about them, crashing at MOD for some donuts, eating the mintiest ‘paan’ ever and spitting it out before the third bite and finally back home. After that two of us just spent the rest 2 and a half hour walking around talking about life, present and the past, digging up several graves and reassuring that most of the things that lay in those graves were dead for good. It is a usual thing… friends hanging out and talking about their past. It many a times helps in reconfirming that it was all for good; except the very occasional talks which ends up with you regretting about something even more, and ending up depressed and crying that you should not have talked about it at all. But luckily this conversation did not end like that, in fact after this entire time the only three things that I carried along with me were:
A. I can eat anything spicy, very spicy… but I cannot handle too much mint.
B. I did good by not completing that blog about love and posting about it.
C. I am definitely going to blog about this.


Why did I post about it? Because I felt to, that’s why.