But Oh my Angel

I have no place, up in the sky.
I have my ways, but not your style.
And I will one day, just die.
But Oh my Angel, I am still in love with you.

I have no wings, with which to fly.
I have no glory, to abide.
I have a lineage, so full of sly.
But Oh my Angel, I am still in love with you.

I have no grace, my skin is dry.
Not always true, sometimes I lie.
I am just human, I don’t deny.
But oh my angel, I am still in love with you.

I am now bonded, please don’t untie,
You may just go, my soul is thine.
But I will never, ever, say good-bye.
’cause oh my angel, I am still in love with you.

And I will always be,
in love,
with you.


Lime Light

I wish all this could stop for a moment. The sounds of the keyboard, the occasional beeps from computers that are accidentally un-mute, the rolling sounds of chair wheels and the light chit-chatter so scattered all over the floor.

I wish I could stand up, and all the lights would dim.
Only one light, one limelight shining over me.
As I look around,
I see cubicle walls going down,
without noise, silently falling like dominoes,
wherever my sight goes.
All people will walk slowly and in awe towards the wall,
but facing me, making sure they miss nothing at all.
And then another limelight shines at a spot in the crowd.
Two lime lights in the dark, one over me and one on a stranger, as the others stand in awe.
As that limelight moves from amidst the crowd towards me,
I see her coming along, her face now clear,
no stranger, no more.
Oh Lord! that heavenly face and the limelight above,
how beautiful she looks, how subtle her smile.
She approaches me, and the limelight follows, my heart skips a beat,
with every gentle step she takes my pulse takes a leap.
As she walks, a music with gentle beat is being played,
strings strummed in melody somewhere in the dark.
The lime lights collide, our bodies meet,
I take her in my arms, Oh! That scent so sweet.
The music now louder, more strings being played,
we swing our bodies to grace, as we dance our way.
Oh beautiful you are, angelic I must say,
this smile those eyes, I wish the crowd was away.
The music being played so romantic, so great,
I feel to sing a poem, for the one who shares,
her limelight with me.