Teenage vs. Adult Masturbation

There is a difference between a teenager masturbating and an adult doing the same. Now when I say teenager I mean some one who is newly introduced to the concept of jerking off. And most people remain a rookie mentally, till they are 19 or 20 and some cant get over the rookie stage even after that.

When a teenage shagger does his thing, of course he feels good and everything because hey, its biology. But after all the action and fireworks he feels bad, depressed, disappointed and disgusted in himself. Now I don’t quite know why we feel like that. You just cant ignore it by calling it a rookie mistake after all. It might be because they suddenly feel selfish that they played a team game alone, or because they feel sad for all the potential lives that are now no where even near or with the remotest possibility to reach an egg. But I guess considering the vast population of not-so-weird-thinkers who indulge themselves in this act, the primary reason to feel all those negatives is what you hear in your society. You keep listening to a varied version of many things that people say, all degrading PDAs, masturbations, casual sex and stuffs like that, since the time people think that saying asshole in front of you is okay. Even though I believe that the only men who never ever jerked off are either still babies or disabled, but it is as if the society we live in likes to make weird faces when they hear about such stuffs. In fact the word ‘masturbating’ on the very first sentence already might have got some of those weird faces. So basically its these talks that make the teenage shagger fall into the dark pit of depression every time he masturbates. He cant answer a phone in the middle of what he is doing and go “Please call another time. I am busy jerking off.” And the very fact that he has to hide it, makes him feel vulnerable after he has done it. But what he doesn’t understand is what makes him different from the adult masturbator.

A teenage masturbator graduates to an adult one, the moment he realizes that masturbation is just another bathroom secret. Adult Ms can do it with a reason, and so each time they are done, they don’t feel bad. They are happy and relaxed. For Adult Ms, masturbation is not like taking drugs in the closed down front seat of your car; its in fact more like getting up from the middle of a discussion and saying “Ladies, please excuse me, I need to use the bathroom”. They can masturbate after a long tiring day, to get a good sleep or just do it when there schedule is absolutely empty and they have some time to fool around. It takes years for a man to get to this stage; but once there, you can be sure that he has an open mind. A man who accepts masturbation as an intrinsic activity of human beings, is not ignorant. He can see many such aspects of life in a totally different unbiased perspective.

Thus I conclude, our society needs more of Adult Ms. And stop giving those weird faces when someone talks about sex or you see people kissing in a  movie; you are forcing Teeange Ms to stay like that and not graduate. If you want to move out of such a situation do it gracefully, please. Our world needs open minded Adult Ms. Give the world what it needs.