Variable ways of getting happiness

Though I can never choose one day that I can call as my happiest day because:
a. I just cant, and
b. Its a stupid thing to do,
I can surely say that I have had some that can be called as the happiest ones and the day today definitely goes in that box. However its weird enough to go unnoticed, how the definitions of happiness for me have changed a lot; or at least my ways of getting happiness has.

I remember the days when we used to plan study night-outs which eventually turned out into plain night outs with movies, games and fun. I know that I used to love to stay at home all the time and enjoy when hang out means friends coming to my place without me having to get up and leave my darling bedroom.  And I absolutely know how I loved it when I used to hang out with a female friend and on the way home calculate my expenses with a smile when I figure out that I had spent almost nothing.

But yesterday night I had a night out with a friend to study some things and we did it without any other change of plans.I loved the fact that by today afternoon, when he was all set to leave whatever we thought to complete was totally done; something my brain could not have thought could ever happen some one year ago.
My friend called me to meet her, and I left my home within 30 minutes, travelled for an hour in train and rickshaw to meet her, something which my ex lazy ass would have never done.
And I spent a lot, (a lot for me means an amount which after expenditure makes me calculate how I should spend for the rest of the month), something which almost all of my friends would not believe.

I am now back in my bedroom, tired, some grands broke, some skills learnt and surprisingly enough for my ex-brain, my ex-lazy-ass and current friends …. really happy.

I guess with time, your definitions and ways of getting happiness do change, but what matters most is… whether you are still pursuing it.