Its weird, once you are away from a zone for a long time, to write about it. I had said I will write about my trip to Kerala, but the information will be given, segregated.

However, now after so much time, spent without writing, that has passed since the time I came back from Kerala (which in my defense was not completely because of lethargy), it is difficult to connect to those areas mainly because
a. It has been so long, and
b. So much has happened in between

Reason ‘a’ is okay. I can handle reason ‘a’, but ‘b’ really does create quite a hurdle; with you wanting to write about things that happened recently, first; but for the sake of chronology when you do not do it, the recent things can get in the way of your mind trying to undo the effects of option ‘a’ and go back to connect to the former events and feelings.

However I have the music on, and I have resumed writing, so without screwing with the chronology, I will be letting go all those posts that I had promised in the last post.


For a person who had never changed his blog’s appearance since it was  up and running, changing the theme and blavatar for the second time within a gap of less than two months is like a spree. But hey, I finally can tell that I have settled.

I was not peculiarly happy with my recently changed theme and blavatar, I found something lacking, rather, something more than what should have been there. When it  comes to my desired look for ‘Random Nerves’, minimalism and elegance are my words of choice, and with the formerly changed theme and blavatar I kind of found those words partially lost.

But now, it’s all in place. The theme has changed, I have put in a custom header and also, the blavatar; that has changed too, for good. I am truly happy with the new look and I now can stop fidgeting with the themes.