Stuck again in this Spot

It had stopped, all of it and now it is back again.
This anxiety or more, oh it rips apart my brain.

It was done, and over, or so I thought at least,
But now that you met again, it has been unleashed.

It wants you to be there, always and ever.
Not a single second without, not a single, and never.

But I know its not possible, or at least a part of me does,
and it fights with the other, oh what a wonderful fuss.

I know it is bad, I know, healthy, it is not,
But still now again, I am stuck in this spot.

I love you Oh dear, so much, so I know,
But do you too as much, Oh this doubt, but why so?

I know it is bad, I know, healthy, it is not,
But you have shown me now, that I was always in this spot.


… and then we partied, and we partied hard

Writing after a really long time and I have many reasons to do so. For the past 1 month or more every day was a new story and every day had something exciting in its store, but things got so exciting that my days used to be packed to the brim and I could never actually get time to sit down and write about it. But today after a very long time, I have a day off from all that. Of couse, my leg is paining a bit and I cant move my neck freely from all the pain that motion gives, but I have got my day off, and I can write finally.

I am not going to talk about all the things that kept me happily busy for the last one month or so, but I have got to speak about yesterday’s night, for it has to be my wildest night yet. For starters I have started drinking, like occasionally, and I have fallen in love with wine, so much so that I am going to start a blog just for Wine, very soon. Also, I recently participated in a Fashion show, part of the Grand Finale of our company’s annual festival. Just last year, I was efficiently invisible throughout the entire festival, and this year, I participated in one event, co-hosted some, and was in the core organizing committee too. And in the end, I walked the ramp, and enacted “Raj Kapoor” on stage, all part of our fashion show. Now that, you see, is vouching for change, and also personally, I wanted to be a part of all that before I leave for my further education.

Now having said that, we had planned a party for yesterday night, and because of the many changes in the plans and uncertainties, we could not get all of the intended crowd – “everyone involved in the fashion show”. But we managed to be a group of 6 guys and 2 girls, and headed for our “party”. Now for me, a party is usually, when I eat with people, talk a lot, have fun with them, and maybe stay awake the entire night. Party for me was never booze and dance till you cant walk. But yesterday for the first time, it was so for me. We drank beer at Apache as if that was the only fluid that could keep us going, and we danced at Oak Lounge as if it was the only action we knew. I guess we started dancing at around the time “DJ Aaron” started his thing, that had to be around 10 or 11 I guess, and then I kept going. We danced till the DJ played his last song, which was around 3, and I don’t remember the count of beer bottles I had gulped down while we were on the floor. Everyone enjoyed the time, and I could say the same, for the rest of the crowd. I recently had received a message “A packed crowd is suffocation in a closed lecture auditorium and atmosphere on the dance floor.” I now have felt the meaning of that message, first hand.

Of course my body aches right now, and I am taking real efforts to turn my neck in the right direction while I type this, but if I don’t write it right now, I wont be doing justice to the wonderful night I had yesterday.

I know I am late by 10 days, but any way, Happy New Year to all. 🙂